local-coupons-flexibleFlexibe – Every Deal Point = Local Deal, so no big up-front costs. You get one deal point for just creating an account!
local-coupons-rewardRewarding – You’ll find exclusive deals to unique businesses nationwide or locally.
local-coupons-privacyPrivate – You don’t have to like, comment or share to get deals; however, you can gain points by reviewing a deal you have used.
local-coupons-organizedOrganized – Your Deals save to your “My Deals” page, where you can easily access your deals when you’re ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Deals?

When you view a deal that you want, and have enough points accumulated for the deal, you click the ‘Save It’ button. A uniquely identifiable code instantly appears after you save it and this code automatically saves to your “My Deals” page in your account. Unless otherwise instructed in the deal description, show the deal code to the business to redeem it!

What are Deal Points?

Deal Points are what you accumulate to be able to ‘claim’ a deal for yourself. You will receive 1 deal point each day you visit the website and log into your account. Another point can be earned by posting a review on a deal page for a business you have visited or had experience with. You can also buy points for 50¢ each.

Are there hidden costs to anybody?


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